Effect of Bad Habits on Female Reproductive Health

Little girls love to play with dolls. From childhood, they learn to be mothers, swaddled and brought up their “plastic babies”. But they still do not realize that in order to have a healthy future and healthy child, they need to have to take care of their reproductive health from an early age. What it reproductive system health?

It is completely mental, physical and social well-being and reproductive health throughout life. By the way, reproductive system is the system that combines all the organs performing a genital function. And it is affected by all things in your life:

  • stress;
  • hormones;
  • poor nutrition;
  • sex life;
  • bad habits.

Canadian Pharmacy staff will talk about it.

Nicotine Effect on Reproductive System

Everyone has long known that smoking is slowly killing a person, it affects all the organs and systems. But the main thing is that this process is harmful to the reproductive system of both men and women. Thus, scientists have proven that nicotine adversely affects prenatal development. Therefore, if the expectant mother smokes, poison penetrates into fetus through the placenta. Then nicotine fills all body’s organs and tissues, and liver of fetus is not yet formed. That’s why he can not handle poisons. Smoking reduces the level of hemoglobin in blood, resulting in the fact that mother and baby are experiencing the so-called “oxygen starvation”. Female passive smoking negatively affects the child as well. Nicotine baby’s nervous system is the most exposed to damaging effects. And besides, there is evidence that congenital malformations in babies occur several times more often if their mothers are smoking.
pregnancy and ban of smoking

Alcohol Effects on Reproductive System

Alcohol also has a negative impact on male and female fertility but also plays an important role in the development of a variety of abnormalities in unborn babies. As you become addicted to habits, men suffer from:

  • gradual erection weakening;
  • sexual desire loss.

As a result, sexual activity may become impossible even in young men. In addition, reduced ability to fertilization can occur under alcohol influence. By the way, among causes of male infertility, chronic alcoholism is one of the most widespread addictions. The fact is that sperm cells have a high sensitivity to alcohol effects. Most of them die, respectively, a chance for conception is very small. But alcohol has a worse impact on young woman body – expectant mother.

Drinking women in 35 years old can turn into old woman suffering from:

  • skin disorders;
  • eyes grow dim;
  • yellow teeth;
  • decrease libido;
  • hormonal gland function impairment.

Drugs Effects on Reproductive System

All kinds of drugs negatively affect reproductive system of both men and women. Narcotics affect sexual life of a person, and then they may have an impact on their children. Thus, examining men who had smoked marijuana for a short time, scientists and doctors did not simply found in their sperm mature sperm cells, but ugliest forms of spermatozoa are an enormous amount. It is proved that parents of drug-addicted babies born with diverse mental and physical disabilities. It should also be aware that drug use by Mom and Dad has a bad effect on their children’s health, not only when they are still in the womb of a woman, but after giving birth.

Think over!

Therefore, if you treat responsibly possibility of motherhood, you want healthy and happy children, you should change your lifestyle. And if you’re not yet ready to change – not plan to have a child soon. This is a very important point because it is better to remember about contraception. You should protect your health and health of your future child by means of planning the pregnancy.