What are Generic Drugs?

Generics, the definition of which is as follows – generic drug, which is the reproduction of the original drug, the active substance of which has expired the term of patent protection, do not differ from the original. For Canadian Pharmacy to use them for sale it is necessary to confirm that generics effectiveness is equal to original drug effectiveness. Original medications are developed not for one year with the vast amount of money spent for their creation, they are, of course, qualitative and effective, therefore, the price of originals is high (it is necessary to recoup the money spent). But eventually patent term for their production ends, and already other companies start producing the notorious generics since their production does not need to spend a lot of money because all the components of the drug have long been known.

Difference between Generics and Brand Drugs (Generics vs Brand)

Generic-Drugs-are-more-AffordableThe difference is explained by Canadian Pharmacy staff. They differ from the originals in the:

  • name;
  • color;
  • the shape of the tablets;
  • price.

Everything is clear when speaking about the price, but the name, shape, and color are the intellectual property of the original developers. Therefore, generic manufacturers change the name and appearance of their product.

The world production of generics is deployed in India. The market among drugs for erectile dysfunction improvement, for example, looks like:

  • Russia – 95%;
  • the USA – 13%;
  • Japan – 30%;
  • Germany – 35%;
  • France – 50%;
  • England – 55%;
  • Italy – 60%;
  • Canada – 64%.

So generics and original drugs are an equally effective means for solving the problems of the “male erectile dysfunction”.

Why are Generics so Cheap?

First of all, you need to conduct laboratory studies, identify the formula of the medication. Then the firm patent the medication and it can be admitted to the market. For this, it is still necessary that generic drug meets the medical standards of different countries. But every state has its own requirements for standards.

To do this, capital investments are needed, which pharmacological firms use for many additional studies. Money is invested in a new facility, it respects all standards, therefore, money must be returned, that is, the medicine must pay off. That’s why the new drugs are expensive.

Patent protection does not always work – time passes and it ends. And after that generics appear on the market, now any company can produce them. All data on the drug are already known, research and advertising campaigns are not required as well. A new drug should be given a name. It is consonant with the name of the original. All these circumstances lead to the fact that the price of generics is about 3-4 times less than the price of the original.

Can Generics Be a Counterfeit?

Very often buyers identify generics with counterfeits and copies. Here it is necessary to say that there are serious differences between them. Generics are medications especially available in Canadian Pharmacy, with a basic substance similar to the original. A copy is made in violation of a patent protection, or at a time when protection is still valid, in addition, the copy has the same name as the original. Counterfeiting does not apply to the medication, since its active substance is not medicinal, but is made from soda, chalk and similar substances.